Digital Reporting – Why it’s important to know your website

We are often asked by our digital clients why we send out regular digital reports.

As an agency our team is all about communication. We talk to our clients, regularly!

Our digital reports have become the foundation for client relationships and illustrate what we do and why it’s important.

If we build your website we don’t stop talking to you once the site is live. We continue to monitor, maintain and report to you throughout the life of the site.

Here’s a few important reasons why we take a lot of pride and put a lot of importance on our digital reports.

1. Help maintain client relations.
Digital reports sent on a regular basis keep the communications channels with clients open, transparent and help to build and maintain our relationships.

2. Track success.
By providing regular reports we can track our successes and see where we can improve your site so that it’s always delivering to the client’s needs.

3. Prove results
By providing regular reporting the proof of our work is there to see in black and white. We track site visitors (new & returning), bounce rates, page views etc

Our view is that your website should be regularly updated with relevant content and new imagery, by the use of blogs, news articles, and new images.
Regular security updates and maintenance also help to keep your site safe, secure and working. And our UK based hosting server is backed up every 24hrs ensuring your site is always safe and secure.

For our website clients we can produce monthly digital reports, sent directly to your inbox so you can keep track of your website stats.

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