Miller Hendry

Cunningly Good Websites was commissioned by Miller Hendry, solicitors and estate agents, to redevelop the firm’s website to make it more accessible to users, mobile friendly, easier to navigate and enhance their brand.

The website platform was not technically conducive to improving the site’s organic SEO and, with a declining trend in organic traffic there was a desire to improve this. We worked with Miller Hendry to develop a site map that considerably reduced the volume of pages on the site and which condensed the information into categories that were immediately more accessible for their users. This, in turn, created a streamlined navigation for users and drove the build process which also included refreshing content.

Visuals from the firm’s suite of marketing assets were used to bring the branding of the site in line with the professional image that was being portrayed across Miller Hendry’s communications. Focusing on the use of the lighthouse visual signifying the provision of legal guidance to clients in their time of need.

Since it’s launch the website has experienced an 81% increase in visitors over the same period the previous year, a 7% increase in pages per session (signifying an increased ease of navigation) and a decrease in bounce rate which suggests that users are interacting with the site more than previously. Search traffic increased by over 45% during the initial launch phase.